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Firefighter Falls off Ladder/Roof During Night Time Training Exercise


Article from KCRA:

“A closed Denny’s restaurant was burned to the ground late Wednesday night in the name of safety.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department conducted a training burn in a rare opportunity for firefighters to train in the dark.

The building sits at the intersection of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Manzanita Avenue in Carmichael.

Metro firefighters have spent days preparing the building for the burn and conducting training exercises inside the commercial structure ahead of the fire.

The training fire gives crews an authentic experience of responding to a restaurant fire and the challenges faced in making entry into a commercial building and locating the fire.

“For our crews to be able to respond to a real structure, a real fire inside, but for it to be practice is huge for us,” said Capt. Chris Vestal. “It’s priceless to be able to have that experience to go in there and make our rescues, which is our priority. We advance hose lines in the dark from the outside into the inside, where it’s even darker. We don’t get that opportunity very much.”

Nearby power lines and another building adjacent to the abandoned restaurant will further add to the challenge and training for firefighters.

Residents began seeing activity around the building at 6 p.m. when fire crews used tools to force entry into the building and also cut ventilation holes in the roof.” 

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Do you think this could have been prevented? What about night time trainings...Post your comments and lets hear what you think.