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The “ABC’s” of How to Sell Yourself What Is Always Be Closing—ABC?

The “ABC’s” of How to Sell Yourself
What Is Always Be Closing—ABC?

The phrase “Always Be Closing” was popularized in the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross starring Alec Baldwin, Al Pacino, and Jack Lemmon. The movie emphasized the darker, cutthroat side of the sales industry. Always Be Closing (ABC) is a motivational phrase used to describe a sales strategy. Always Be Closing is a mantra used in the sales world meaning a seller must always be in the mindset of closing deals, using whatever tactics are necessary.

In the mindset of a promotional candidate, the successful candidate should have the same mindset: close his audience–in this case, your oral board evaluators. You may only have 20 minutes to prove to everyone in the room you are the right candidate for the promotion based on your education, work experience, department involvement, life experience, and maturity. As you begin to discuss your life and answer questions, traits like self-expression, personality, and a sense of maturity begin to reveal themselves. Are you confident in your presentation or just verbose? Do you have a sense of self-awareness that promotes keen judgments and good decision making or are you full of reluctant behaviors resulting in a vague sense of who you are? Be honest but careful in revealing your likes and dislikes and remember that less is more. Remember, a great deal is revealed in 20 minutes, more than at any other time in your life, except maybe in an emergency. Stop talking when you are done. Wait for the next question with a sense of confidence, being at ease with who you are.

ABC for the promotional candidate in the fire service serves as a reminder that for every question asked to the candidate from the oral board, the question is answered with the intention of moving the candidate (sale) toward the promotion (close).

“Act As If”

Many years ago in the business world, I learned an important principle called “Act As If” to get what I wanted out of my career. What does “act as if” mean? It means that if you want something, you must act as if you already have it in order to get it. This is an easy principle to understand but, for some reason, underutilized in the fire service. If you want a promotion to a captain, “act as if” you are already a captain. If you are already a captain and looking to promote to a chief officer and one day wish to run your department’s training division, “Act As If” you run the training division when called on to lead company training or a drill. When you walk into your captain promotional interview and introduce yourself by saying, “Good Morning, I’m Captain Rossi. Thank you for considering me for this position,” you are already in the mindset of that role. Everything that comes out of your mouth will be in the mindset of that company officer you want to be. “ACT AS IF” can be very powerful in helping you get what you want.

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