DynCorp, KBR, and SallyPort Opportunities


New member
Jun 25, 2018
To all,

I was wondering if anyone on firefighter jobs is employed with one of the following companies above doing contract firefighting overseas? I have been applying to all three companies for the past two months and unfortunately have had no luck in a recruiting representative contacting me. I have all my D/O certs (Aerial, ARFF, MWS, Pumper), Airport Firefighter, Hazmat Technician and my EMT-B. All from IFSAC and ProBoard. The following questions I have are:

How is the hiring process like for the following companies?

Are there any automatic "red flags" that these companies search for that could disqualify an applicant?

How is the everyday life as an overseas contract firefighter?

How is the pay?

Thanks in advance!